Mentoring for Conscious Living







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In this class, loosely based on his upcoming book, Steve will present some of the most effective spiritual secrets, principles, and processes gathered from his many years of spiritual practice, as well as answer some of your questions. 


He will present specific processes and step by step ways how to:

- Re-access your Divine awareness to enable you to Live in the Present Moment more consistently

- Effectively shift your consciousness from fear and survival to awareness of the Divine you are

- Access your divine power and potential more consistently

- Graduate from limiting programs such as the incessantly thinking mind, and fear and survival

                - Effectively manifest the quality of life experience you've wanted

                - Learn the most effective ways of creating and manifesting

- Learn how to live in harmonious partnership with Life as an ally rather than adversary

                - Re-cultivate inner awareness to take effective action when noticing self-sabotaging behavior.


Steve was a monk with Self-Realization Fellowship for more than 30 years until leaving 10 years ago.  He has coached and counseled people and businesses seeking to manifest their full potential for the last 30 years with his unique approach.  For more information about Steve, visit his websites at, and  



Process for Clearing Programs That Limit Us

MP3 Audio Download

When you get the sense that your life is not as wonderful as you would like it, or you are experiencing pain, worry, or other negative emotions, or that something is limiting you to being less than what you really are, you can play this recording (link below) to shift and  diminish or eliminate the structures and programs running in your consciousness that are invisibly causing the limitations. This process is a revolutionary method of eliminating these influences forever.  (See Transformative Processes at ExtraordinaryTransitions page for a text version)

Download an MP3 audio version of this process here