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Process for Clearing Programs That Limit Us

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When you get the sense that your life is not as wonderful as you would like it, or you are experiencing pain, worry, or other negative emotions, or that something is limiting you to being less than what you really are, you can play this recording (link below) to shift and  diminish or eliminate the structures and programs running in your consciousness that are invisibly causing the limitations. This process is a revolutionary method of eliminating these influences forever.  (See Transformative Processes at ExtraordinaryTransitions page for a text version)

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Free Recordings/Links: 


 Rachael Fiori Radio Show links With Steve as guest:


How Resisting "What is," Manifests Lack In Your Life  44min.

Could Thinking Actually Be Harmful? - Find Out With Special Guest Steve Shires 46min

The Real Reason Why You Don't Have What You Want  30min

How to Play With The Divine to Create Magic in Your Life  43min 

Why Positive Affirmations Don't Always Work   41min 

The Main Causes of Stress and How To Alleviate Them  46min 

Could You Be Pissing On the Present Moment and Sabotaging Your Life? 44

The Gift of Emotions - What They Mean When You Feel Them  41min 



"The Process" for Clearing Programs That Limit Us (mp3)

When you get the sense that you are being controlled (pain, worry, emotions, feelings are arising in you) or that something is limiting you to being less than what you really are, you can use the audio recording which will guide you through the process and shift and eliminate the structures and programs that are actively influencing you. This process is a detailed method of eliminating these karmic influences forever.  (See Transformative Processes page for a text version)

Free MP3 Processes audio download 



Guided Meditations (mp3)

This is a link to several guided meditations for you to enjoy recorded by Danielle Dorsey.  They are: 

  • Visualization and Awareness Inside the Body
  • Meta Meditation for Loving Kindness
  • Violet Flame
  • Breathing Meditation
  • Inside the Body 

Free MP3 Guided Meditations Link here  




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Steve's in person rate $90/hr. plus expenses.

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  Introduction Package to "The Process" 

Steve has found that it takes some time to re-learn "the Process," and to begin to graduate from the ordinary human mind orientation reliably.  For most just learning it takes about 10 hours of one on one coaching with Steve to experience it to the point of forming the orientation of "as what you are" as the Divine, and familiarizing yourself with the concepts and activities.  This package price is for those beginning this process.  $650 for 10/hours on the phone.  Again we have a sliding scale available for those needing assistance. 

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