Mentoring for Conscious Living

Rates and Services

I assist those wishing to become more aware, how to release their creativity and consistently respond productively to change.  I mentor skills that assist you to more consciously become aware of any reactivity, resistance, or contraction and harvest emotional discomfort into a deep integrated awareness as what you are...  I do not invite you to conform or fit in to any system.  I honor your uniqueness and instead mentor skills for productively dealing with change as a positive growth-producing transformative opportunity. 


Personal transformation preceeds societal transformation.  We show people and organizations how to become gracefully self-aware and responsible as co-creators in every moment...  To walk 'fearward", and embrace any resistance that may arise to what is, fear, or negativity, and connect with the life and opportunity, and graduate from any survival belief system that has habitually limited our ability to respond productively.  Then,   and integrate that new awareness, and through that, gracefully move into peak performance all while maintaining alignment with their inner truth and values.



In Person Coaching (Escondido, North San Diego County, CA. ) is $85/hr.

Phone rate is $75/hr.


 Weekly and monthly plan packages available on request.


Call for seminars, team, and group rates.


Call 760.270.7383.

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