Mentoring for Conscious Living

Transformational Coaching

I assist people wishing to change the way they show up to life that it may manifest more of the quality of interaction that they would like.   


Transformational coaching is a natural graceful shift…a learning how to deal with change (without fear and resistance) from a core present moment spiritual (incorporation of mind, body, soul, being) level.  It involves shifting to more of an emphasis on oneness with all life and being rather than doing…from mind dominance, to self-observation without judgment.  This fundamental perspective shift of noticing what we do, and how it serves or doesn’t serve us in adding to the quality of our lives, gives us a refreshing “above the fray” point of view, beyond the fearful contractive turmoil and preoccupation with future safety created by the incessantly thinking mind. 


I coach individuals, couples, teams, and businesses, how to show up to life from who we are as the Divine in ordinary daily human experience no matter what it looks like, or how reactively we interpret it.  I show them how to be courageously present to life moment by moment as it comes to them.  They shift into viewing change as a learning experience… about how they cans show up as a co-creator of their reality and how to transcend their past programming which usually limits their outcomes in relating to Life itself.  This shift into being what and who we are impacts all aspects of our lives …our relationship with ourselves, others, intimate partners, business, leadership, Nature.  Part of the process is developing self-awareness skills of observing the energetics of the body, viewing arising emotions as a language of the soul’s needs.  Watching the wisdom of the body (whether in the individual, or as it manifests in the quality of energy of an organization…happiness, heart connected, etc) links us in present moment terms with the met and unmet needs…keys to In doing so, clients transcend specific events into conscious self-awareness, beyond habitual reactivity because of past programming, trauma, and family junk.  Eventually this leads to a state of being in acceptance of the perfection of the moment and the larger opportunities inherent in that, and being completely open to the unlimited opportunities that are available through that flow state.